The Details Of Me
Revenge?: A Battle With Your Hands Tied! (Closed RP for Lux-Aeterna-Hallie)

"Well well.." Garryn smirked and circled the pink haired girl. "What do  we have here?~ It seems that you, my dear little bud, have found yourself in a very unwanted and unneeded situation. At least, in your opinion~ I myself, seem to be most fortunate this day~" He leaned in towards her and trailed his fingers down her cheek. "You’re much more lovely when you’re calm..~" He laughed softly, breath tickling her cheek. "Well now.. What shall we do with you?~"


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luxaeternahallie wow that title is so bad omfg im sorry
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    [[MORE]] He stopped himself and looked up at her, only this time there was a large grin across his face. “Do you really...
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    [[MORE]] More... More... I need more! The pinkette’s eyes opened wide, her head throwing back as her back arched....